Angela Richardson


Angela RichardsonWisconsin School of Business
Angela is a performer, visual artist, and long-time Wisconsin resident. Her work investigates how artistic, intuitive, embodied approaches to research can yield different perspectives than scientific, empirical, and mechanical ones. Drawing, installation, and dialogue form the foundation from which her interdisciplinary efforts emerge.

The elaborate, artful procedures she creates allow interaction and collaboration with audiences. She uses storytelling to blur the line between memory and imagination and to raise questions about our complicated relationship to ‘the truth.’ Angela received her MFA from UW-Madison in 2015.

While attending graduate school, Angela served as project assistant to cartoonist and author Lynda Barry at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery’s Image Lab. There she lead art classes for scientists and helped curate numerous art exhibitions. She also worked as an assistant to papermaker Mary Hark through the Design Studies program in the School of Human Ecology. With Professor Hark, she developed a semester-long, situated learning project for students, titled Understanding Place as Inspiration for Sustainable Design: Place, Paper, Product.

Previously, she was employed as arts program manager for the UW Arts Institute, as multimedia designer at the Center on Education and Work, and as a freelance media and event producer for a wide range of clients in both the non-profit and commercial realms.

Angela is also an experienced teacher having worked with students at all levels, in community-based settings and higher ed classrooms. Most recently, she’s taught workshops at Madison Children’s Museum, through Madison Public Library’s Bubbler Program, and for ArtWorking, an organization serving artists with cognitive disabilities. At the SARAS 2014 Conference, Imagining resilience: Art-science collaboration for sustainability, held in Maldonado, Uruguay, Angela led creative process exercises for an audience of international attendees.

Now as Aesthetics and Business Project Coordinator at the Bolz Center for Arts Administration, she coordinates arts-based learning activities for Wisconsin School of Business students, faculty, and staff. Her main focus is on introducing the arts and aesthetic development through Compass, a leadership program delivered to all Bachelor of Business Administration students at UW-Madison as part of the Arts Business Initiative.