John Surdyk


John SurdykInitiative for Studies in Transformational Entrepreneurship (INSITE)

John Surdyk is the Director of the Initiative for Studies in Transformational Entrepreneurship (INSITE), and Faculty Director of the Entrepreneurial Residential Learning Community at the University of Wisconsin, Madison

Prior to joining INSITE, Surdyk founded and led Re-Envision Consulting, LLC, a firm working with nonprofits throughout the United States and Canada pursuing innovative, earned-income strategies where novel approaches to social problems and new technologies could be deployed for public benefit. He has a strong interest in social entrepreneurship. He has studied the environmental impact of entrepreneurship in emerging economies at World Bank and stewardship of natural resources at the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. Earlier in his career, Surdyk worked on strategic approaches to new markets and valuing damages in disputes at Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park as well as Navigant Consulting in Chicago.

He has authored several book chapters on corporate social responsibility, and he serves on the Finance Committee of the Overture Center, the board of the Advocacy Consortium for Entrepreneurs, and the City of Monona Community Development Authority tasked with economic recovery and blight elimination. Surdyk did his undergraduate work at Stanford University in Earth Systems Science/Economics and earned an M.B.A. at University of Wisconsin–Madison.