Paul Metz
Paul MetzExecutive Vice President and Managing PartnerC+R Research Services, Inc.

Paul studied psychology as an undergraduate at Northwestern University, and after an advertising class and an internship at a marketing promotions firm, he developed a keen interest in social and consumer psychology.  After a few years in an entry level research job, Paul decided to enroll in the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research to build his technical knowledge and accelerate his career.  Since then, he has worked at the Quaker Oats Company and in his current position at C+R Research, and is thrilled to be involved with mentoring students currently in the program.

Quote From Paul:

"First, my favorite part of returning to campus twice a year is the speed-networking with the current students.  I enjoy meeting new students during each visit, answering their questions, and sharing real-life marketing research stories to help guide their career decisions. Second, I personally enjoy and have benefitted from expanding my professional network to include new generations of researchers who are learning new techniques and view the profession through a different lens.  Third, I think the A.C. Nielsen Center does a fantastic job creating confident and knowledgeable researchers, who enter the workforce with a technical knowledge that will exceed that of many of their peers.  And, they graduate with a professional network that is unrivaled."