T Marotti
Tara MarottiSenior Vice President, Head of Client ServicesBurke, Inc.

Tara is the SVP, Head of Client Services for Burke, Inc.  In this capacity, Tara is responsible for the quality of design, execution and delivery of research for Burke’s clients.  In her role, she works with all of Burke’s account teams to acquire new business, manage client relationships and ensure resources are effectively employed to address client needs.  Over the past 20 years, Tara has worked in all functional areas of Burke, spending time managing projects, analyzing data and consulting for her own business practice.  Tara currently serves on Burke’s Operating Committee to help oversee the overall operational processes and strategic goals at Burke.

"As a strong supporter of the A.C. Nielsen Center, Burke has long held a position on the External Advisory Board.  I am excited to start my term as Burke’s representative on the board and to connect with other board members.  The quality of students that we have been fortunate enough to hire from the A.C. Nielsen Center is outstanding and I look forward to being a part of their educational experience.”