Vaughn Bryan
Bryan VaughnVice President, Global Analytics and IntelligenceAstraZeneca

Bryan started his career in sales & sales management positions - where he learned that commercial success is largely dependent on how well you understand your customer. After ten years in selling, Bryan pursued his MS degree in marketing research at the A.C. Nielsen Center, graduating in 2004. Since then, Bryan has taken on increased levels of insights responsibility working on leading personal care, over-the-counter pharmaceutical and surgical device brands.

Currently Bryan is Vice President, Global Analytics & Intelligence at AstraZeneca.  He leads a team dedicated to building customer insight and strategic analytic capability and infrastructure applied to biologic and pharmaceutical therapy development.

Quote From Bryan:

"I am very grateful for the incredible education and tremendous opportunity provided to through the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research. My involvement in the EAB is a great way for me to give back to the program and work with students who will be future leaders in industry."