Anshu Gupta
Anshu GuptaSenior Director, Global Marketing—Alzheimer's DiagnosticsEli Lilly and Company

Anshu’s beginning in market research was supposed to be a short, flow-through opportunity.  Still there 12 years later, she has clearly found it to be her home.  Anshu is originally from Chicago and has a degree in biology and an MBA in marketing.  She has 15 years of pharmaceutical marketing experience across the various stages of brand development for different therapeutic classes. As a Director of Market Research at Eli Lilly & Co, she guides a team of research professionals in the development of market and customer insights to impact critical decisions in the global development and management of cardiovascular brands.

Quote from Anshu: 

"Being able to interact with current and future leaders in market research has been truly rewarding.  Getting to hear about the new ideas coming out of academia and the innovative techniques used by those in the industry, I come away from each board meeting with a renewed passion for our chosen field."