Marsha Lindsay
Marsha LindsayChair & Chief Strategist for Client Growth, Branding & InnovationLindsay, Stone & Briggs

Marsha Lindsay is Chair and Chief Strategist at Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, the firm specializing in the positioning, launch and accelerated growth of innovations. (Ad Age honored the firm by naming it a Small Agency of the Year.) Marsha’s particular expertise is the science of human decision-making including consumer psychology and behavioral economics. Her insights have been reported by NPR, Investor’s Business Daily and The New York Times; her advice published in Fast Company, Adobe’s, Forbes, Ad Age, and the international Journal of Brand Strategy. Her thought leadership has been featured at Monitor-Deloitte’s think-tank at UC Berkeley, Zurich’s Gottlieb Dutweiler Institute of Economic and Social Studies, The World Business Forum in New York City and LSB’s Brandworks University. Marsha received her Masters from the UW Madison, is a frequent speaker on campus, and serves on the advisory board of the Business School’s MBA Center for Brand and Product Management.