Dennis Degeneffe
Dennis DegeneffeOwnerConsumer Centric Solutions

Originally from Oconto, Wisconsin, Dennis received his BBA in 1976 and MBA in 1977 at the University (in the dark ages before the A.C. Nielsen Center) both in Marketing with a concentration in Marketing Research. Dennis started his 24 year corporate Marketing Research career at General Mills, and moved to McDonalds, Oscar Mayer/Kraft, Pillsbury and again at General Mills. Since 2002, he has been owner and Principal Consultant of Consumer Centric Solutions, specializing in strategic research including segmentation (B2C and B2B),brand equity and innovation.

During this time Dennis has also held an appointment as Research Fellow at the Food Industry Center at the University of Minnesota conducting research studies under government grants from USDA, NIH and DHS, publishing several journal articles. Dennis also provides industry outreach and has chaired the University Food Industry Coalition of food and retailing centers from 14 universities, sponsored by the National Grocers Association.

Quote From Dennis:

"Having been a close friend of the A.C. Nielsen Center since its conception, I have seen the Center literally upgrade MR as a profession. Our grads are leading the industry in demonstrating business relevance."