Wednesday, December 28, 2011 Nicholas Center Blog
Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems Consulting Project

A team of Corporate Finance and Investment Banking students from the Nicholas Center recently completed a consulting engagement project for Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems, Inc. (BATS) - a broadband wireless technology company based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

BATS provides broadband wireless networking technology for creating and managing high-bandwidth wireless networks in environments that lack an established telecommunications infrastructure. The core technology was developed to reduce the down-time, liability and technical skill requirements associated with the use of directional high-bandwidth wireless antenna systems.

The Nicholas Center team was tasked with providing a full strategic marketing plan for BATS' move into the oil and gas industry, a key area of growth for the company. BATS’ established customer base is in the military communication industry; however, the company has significant opportunities to apply the new technology in new industry applications. The Wisconsin team provided a full marketing analysis, laying out five key recommendations to overcome the marketing challenges of a selling a ground breaking technology in a previously untapped market.

Secondly, the team was asked to provide an independent valuation analysis and overview of the M&A market in broadband communications industry. Importantly, the team highlighted the trade-off between purchase price multiples and the intrinsic value of the business. The valuation analysis coupled with Wisconsin’s key strategic marketing action items provided BATS wireless with a great understanding of what strategic actions drive value as the business continues to grow. 

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