Visit to Nestlé

Students like you come to the Center for Brand and Product Management at the Wisconsin School of Business to study, learn, and hone your marketing skills, preparing for a future career as a brand or product manager. Many hope to go on to be general managers, entrepreneurs and CEOs. Our carefully-crafted blend of real-world experience and challenging academics is a crucial part of the preparation. Beyond that, however, we work closely with every student to make sure that they find the internship or full-time position that moves their marketing career in the direction they want it to go.

To date, 100% of the students at the center have received offers from brand and product management companies. They’ve enjoyed exciting internships and gone on to rewarding full-time marketing roles. They’re working in numerous industries, including consumer products companies, technology and health care firms.

Learn more about how the center prepares students for their marketing careers and about the companies that recruit our students.