Bolz Center students represent a broad cross-section of interests and experience in arts and cultural disciplines, allowing them to contribute to the program as much as they gain from it.  Students with specific interests and expertise in performing arts, dance, media, theater, visual art, music, film, fundraising/development, and other areas are admitted to the program and ever encouraged to add their voice to the conversation, and help build the Center’s environment of constant learning.

The current Bolz Center student roster is just a recent example of this cross-disciplinary approach. Each incoming class adds a new depth and richness to the program’s development, and eventually adds new breadth to our nationwide alumni network.

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Class of 2014

John JungerbergMBA 2014Biography
Megan KreftingMBA 2014Biography
Sherry ShafferMBA 2014Biography
Lindsay TerchinMBA 2014Biography
Lizzy TomberMBA 2014Biography

Class of 2015

Jeff BreisachMBA 2015Biography
Matt DreierMBA 2015Biography
Rose GearMBA 2015Biography
Maureen JohannigmanMBA 2015Biography
Sara WoldtMBA 2015Biography