The Applied Security Analysis Program (ASAP) at the Wisconsin School of Business was founded in 1970 by Professor Stephen L. Hawk. Approximately 500 students have graduated from the program. Each graduate enters the investment community with the unique educational experience of learning the investment business through hands-on management of real portfolios. Beginning with $100,000 in 1970, students now manage over $50 million in equities and fixed-income assets. We are proud to be a pioneer among student-managed investment programs and a CFA® Program Partner.


The Applied Security Analysis Program has earned its reputation as a top student investment education program for a variety of reasons:

  • We combine general business education with hands-on money management using the latest tools
  • We are a CFA Program Partner, meaning our students are preparing for the CFA as they study for classes
  • Our two-year, fully structured program provides constant interaction with industry professionals
  • We give students the ability to manage real money using their own philosophy and process
  • Our students have the opportunity to manage fixed income and long/short equity portfolios
  • Forty years of history have produced a great network of alumni to teach students and help them obtain jobs
  • Our highly selective admission process ensures students will be surrounded by peers from which they can learn
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