Case Competitions give students the opportunity to test their skills using potential work place situations. Working in teams, students are presented with a business case. They then prepare a presentation of case analysis and solution within a given time frame. Next, each team presents its ideas to a panel of judges. Often the winning teams—the ones whose solutions the judges found most effective—receive a monetary award.

CIBER Case Competition

Centers for International Business Education and Research (CIBERs) were established by the U.S. Congress to increase and promote the nation’s business competitiveness on the international stage. The University of Wisconsin-Madison, along with several other universities renowned for their international programs, became a CIBER in 1998. As such, the CIBER Case Competition focuses on international business strategy and analysis. Participants come from other CIBER sites in the U.S. and international business schools.

Intuit Case Competition

Intuit Inc, the maker of QuickBooks and TurboTax, hosts a competition for undergraduates. Since this competition focuses on a real-world challenge, students may influence outcomes at Intuit. All majors are welcome. The first-place team wins a cash prize.

Altria Case Competition

Altria, the parent company of Philip Morris, holds a competition for sophomores. This is an outstanding opportunity to put classroom learning into practice and build presentation skill confidence

Accenture Leadership Center’s Big Ten Case Competition

As a component of the Accenture Leadership Center, Leadership Case Competitions are designed to imitate real-life settings in which time for finding solutions to problems is indeed limited and also foster work among teams in a way that allows each student to practice and learn the leadership skills necessary for such problem-solving in the future.

The Accenture Leadership Center hosts an Annual Case Competition each fall for University of Wisconsin-Madison students. The winning team goes on to represent Wisconsin in the Big Ten Case Competition, which is also hosted the Accenture Leadership Center. All Big Ten schools are invited to participate in this weekend-long event the following spring.