The internship is a vital—and exciting—component of the Wisconsin MBA. Situated at the program’s midway point, it’s the perfect opportunity to apply the general business core knowledge and introductory specialized experience gained in the first year. 

All Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) students who have sought summer positions between the first and second year have landed internships with leading firms. In their internships, students take on a range of interesting projects, reflecting the students’ interests as well as the companies’ strategic priorities. 

Internships also provide students with the opportunity to meet and to work with graduate students from around the world.

Recent examples of SHRM student internships include:

  • Social media & recruiting
  • Talent management
  • Succession management and workforce planning
  • Emerging market rotational program creation
  • Fair employment practices
  • Recruiting/interviewing process
  • HR client/generalist work

Companies begin recruiting students at the Wisconsin School of Business for internships very early in the fall semester of the program’s first year. The recruiting process continues throughout the year as students discover their own interests and companies continue to identify needs. SHRM students are able to use their internships to develop their skills and deepen their résumés, as well as learn more about the field and their career goals.