Year One

The core courses in the first year have approximately 50-60 students per class. The finance courses have 25-30. All other electives are between 2-40 students.

Summer Internships

Because our Corporate Finance and Investment Banking MBA students have access to top recruiters in corporate finance, investment banking and consulting the Nicholas Center has once again had 100% placement in summer internships across the country.

Year Two

In the second year, Nicholas students work on consulting projects for companies, banks and consulting firms worldwide. Each team consists of four MBA students and two undergraduate research analysts per one faculty member. These teams also give MBA students the opportunity to manage and delegate tasks to the undergraduate research analysts. Each consulting engagement lasts approximately 7-8 weeks, providing a breadth of practical experience throughout the second year. Our highly regarded student/faculty ratio is one of our program’s many strengths.

The Board

The Nicholas Board of Advisors plays a critical role in the success of the Nicholas Center. There are 40 financial executives who currently serve on the board. They are practitioners from financial services/investment banking and consulting firms, as well as corporate officers. This balance is critical for providing our MBA students with the broadest possible exposure and training necessary to become successful business leaders. The board meets on campus once a year to review the progress of the program, provide feedback to students on their current consulting projects and offer career advice. In addition, the Nicholas Center has an Executive in Residence program where individual board members come to campus.

Specific responsibilities for Board members include:

  • Assist in identifying qualified students with the desirable skill sets for professionals in the field of corporate finance
  • Provide advice and feedback on curriculum offerings
  • Generate leads for consulting projects
  • Participate as classroom guest speakers
  • Facilitate in the placement of students for both summer internships and full-time positions
  • Conduct mock interviews