Developing leaders who create business value

The Operations and Technology Management (OTM) MBA at Wisconsin, supported by the Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management, is ideally suited for those seeking advanced positions as consultants, analysts, product or service managers, project leaders, business developers, or operations, IT and supply chain managers - while priming for senior leadership roles. Students have great flexibility in choosing coursework, and may emphasize either Operations Management or Information Technology Management, or a combination of the two. A cornerstone of the OTM program is the myriad opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with executives, managers and consultants - those on the forefront of industry practices. The Erdman Executive Advisory Board serves as an external partner of the program, monitoring industry trends and changes that may have important implications for the Center and the OTM program and providing opportunities for plant visits and internships. Board members, active alumni and industry executives also serve as mentors for students throughout their two years in the program. Dedicated staff provide personalized one-on-one assistance with internships and job placements, and arrange social and professional activities.  


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