The Center for Brand & Product Management Salary Statistics


Highly Sought

Wisconsin MBAs are highly sought by leading firms because they graduate with a portfolio of skills, experience, and specialized knowledge that allows them to hit the ground running. As a graduate of the Wisconsin MBA, your preparation will distinguish you from graduates of other programs and give you an important edge in rapid career advancement.

Our students benefit from faculty and staff in their career specializations who are knowledgeable about career paths in their particular fields. Additionally our students are provided with extensive career services resources through a program-wide MBA Career Management staff.

Students can take advantage of extensive on-campus recruiting opportunities. Many choose to work with MBA Career Management staff to tailor their job searches to particular companies or geographic areas. The extensive networking with business professionals—a critical component of the Wisconsin MBA— becomes a bonus in seeking employment in particular fields.

The evidence of the value of the specialized approach of the Wisconsin MBA can be seen in the employment success of our students.

100% Placement

The reason you go to business school is to build your skills, make new contacts and… get a good job! We know you are making a life-long investment and we want that investment to pay off with a great start to your career.

It is our goal to place every student in this program in a top internship and full-time job after graduation. And we’ve had great success.

At the Center for Brand and Product Management, 100% of our students have gotten those coveted positions since the inception of the center. Through contacts on our Advisory Board, as well as the Wisconsin School of Business, our students land top jobs in the field of Brand and Product Management.

See the Your Career section to find out more about where and how our students have found summer internships and full-time positions.