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Robert Batt

The emergency department is buzzing. Patients await care. A doctor looks at the electronic trackboard and chooses whom to see next among patients with a variety of complaints. Does the doctor choose... Read More

How to Use Sudoku to Analyze Databy: Jane BurnsThursday, April 7, 2016

Even in the age of big data, answers to important business questions can be elusive. For example, a major retailer can have a group of similar stores—same store size, same average income in its... Read More

Dereck Barr-Pulliam

What’s the best was to really know what’s going on in a company? You peek inside “the window into a company”—its internal audit function (IAF). In some cases, part of the... Read More

Key Ingredients for a Successful Business Peer Groupby: Kevin KaufmanTuesday, March 1, 2016

The role of the entrepreneur is at times exciting, challenging, taxing, rewarding, and … lonely. The founder and “OOO” (Only Operating Officer) is in charge of, and responsible for... Read More