The Accenture Leadership Center hosts a leadership class each semester titled Leadership Development Seminar (MHR 365). The 3 credit course introduces students to different leadership theories, and utilizes assessments to help students evaluate where they are in their leadership development in order to help them improve their leadership skills.

A large component of the course is working on a group consulting project for the university, a non-profit or a local small business. Former Accenture partners, community businesspeople, MBA students and School of Business faculty and staff serve as mentors and resources as students complete their projects. Students develop leadership skills by applying what they learn in the classroom to a tangible, hands-on project, while assisting the local community.

This class is currently available only during the fall semester. Students can choose to either sign up for Leadership Development I, or be a team lead and enroll in Leadership Development II. Permission by the Professor is required to sign up for Leadership Development II. Please contact the ALC for more information on signing up for this class.