Graduate students in the Wisconsin School of Business, the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, or other graduate programs may earn a Certificate in Business, Environment, and Social Responsibility by applying to BESR through the Wisconsin School of Business and completing 12 credits of business school courses. The certificate also has been approved as a Ph.D. minor. It is designed to provide knowledge and skills in strategically applying business principles to environmental and social challenges and to prepare students to systematically integrate sustainability issues into day-to-day management decision-making. As mentioned above, students must complete 12 credits to satisfy the requirements of the certificate. At least six of these credits must be taken from the List A courses (below):

List A courses are those courses that were developed to specifically deal with business sustainability issues, and which have a substantial portion of the course devoted to business sustainability issues. List B courses are introductory courses in basic business disciplines like leadership, accounting, management, marketing, etc. Six credits of general introductory business courses may be taken. Other courses may be substituted for the List B courses, with the consent of the student's advisor.