Wisconsin School of Business Ph.D. Travel Award Fund

Wisconsin School of Business Ph.D. students presenting a paper (as author or co-author) at a research conference may apply for reimbursement of travel expenses. You may receive an award of up to $600 to assist with expenses. Students are eligible to receive an award for travel expenses only once during each fiscal year (July 1 to June 30), but are eligible for an award each year of their tenure in the Ph.D. program. After receipt of a first Wisconsin School of Business travel award, a student must present evidence that he or she has also sought travel funds from a source external to the school, such as the Graduate School Student Research Grants Competition or from a federal agency such as the National Science Foundation. Students should also apply for departmental funds for travel if they are available. For this purpose, departmental funds are considered to be internal awards.

Application Procedures

Prior to attending the conference, write a one-page summary that clearly justifies how you will use the Wisconsin School of Business travel award. While we hope to fund as many of our students as possible, this is a competitive award; the document must be professional and well written. Submissions exceeding one page will not be considered. The statement should include:

  • Name of conference or event
  • Destination/location
  • Summary of costs: provide a budget of all anticipated expenses
  • The date you are leaving
  • The duration of stay
  • A short, concise explanation of the importance of this travel to your research and advancement
  • The significance of the conference/research for your field (if possible, include a conference website/contact)
  • Report of any other funding that you are receiving (or have applied for) for your travel
  • A letter of recommendation from your advisor (by email is acceptable) supporting your travel and confirming your eligibility. If you have applied for a Vilas or other competitive award requiring a recommendation, you may submit a copy of that letter in lieu of an original one.

Send this statement to Belle Heberling (belle.heberling@wisc.edu) or deliver it to 3115A Grainger Hall.

Policies for Award Notification and Acceptance

  • Please submit your request no less than three weeks prior to the date of departure. Failure to do so may result in denial of approval or in delay of funding.
  • Each award will not exceed $600. Upon completion of the travel, you must request an e-reimbursement. You should work with your department assistant to complete the e-reimbursement. Please let your department assistant know that you are to receive up to $600 in travel funds from the Ph.D. Programs Office and have the department assistant contact Belle Heberling to obtain the correct funding string for the travel funds. As with any travel funded through University of Wisconsin-Madison accounts, you are subject to state travel policies, guidelines, and expense/reimbursement limitations. Ask your department assistant for this information before you book airline tickets and/or hotel accommodations.
  • Approvals are not transferable to other conferences or events without re-application.
  • If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact Belle Heberling (belle.heberling@wisc.edu) or at 608-265-5105.