Madison consistently ranks among the country’s best places to live, and with good reason. Here, you will find vibrant arts, entertainment, cultural, and recreational options — combined with a down-to-earth attitude that makes the city easy to enjoy.

There is plenty to do here year-round, both in the city and on campus. The active cultural and entertainment scene bring innovative thinkers, visual artists and performers to Madison. Big Ten sports energizes the community, and residents enjoy outdoor recreation in all four seasons.

Best of all, while the quality of life in Madison is exceptional, the cost of living is moderate. This contributes to an MBA education that is a financially sound decision.

Madison is a vibrant capital city, with the downtown area situated on an isthmus between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona. The lakes lend the city a unique beauty and offer numerous recreational opportunities, including sailing, paddling, water skiing, wakeboarding, and windsurfing. Bicycle and nature trails connect many parts of the city and neighboring communities. In winter, as in the other seasons, Madison residents find plenty to do both indoors and outdoors.

Arts, entertainment, and culture all thrive here, with both large and small venues hosting concerts, plays, art exhibits, festivals, and street fairs. The selection of restaurants and eateries in the greater Madison area is remarkably diverse, ranging from food carts serving ethnic specialties to gourmet restaurants and everything in between.

Major metropolitan areas are easily accessible by bus or car. From Madison, it is 122 miles to Chicago and 234 miles to Minneapolis. Milwaukee is just 73 miles away. While there is plenty to do right here, many students enjoy occasional getaways to these nearby cities.

Madison is also a great place for families, with a highly rated children’s museum, a free zoo, children’s theater, abundant parks, and much more. The greater Madison area is known for its excellent school systems and family-friendly neighborhoods.