Leaving the workforce to further your education is a big decision, but the Wisconsin MBA is here to help you launch into the next phase of your career. Whether looking to advance in your current career or looking to forge a new path, a master’s in supply chain will help you make an immediate impact in your future company.

The Wisconsin MBA in supply chain management, supported by the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management, provides students with a personalized, industry-focused program which partners with companies known for supply chain excellence. We provide students with an exceptional interdisciplinary education that builds on fundamental knowledge and incorporates the latest in supply chain thinking. The strategic, cross-functional curriculum takes an integrated business process view of supply chains, including marketing, sourcing, logistics, operations, and customer service. Students connect with and learn from real-world supply chain leaders and are part of a strong, close-knit community.

A Specialized Approach

Students who choose the Wisconsin MBA gain not only the business basics to help ensure success post-graduation, but also deep dive into a specific area of expertise through our unique specialization model. Students take courses in the business core to gain a broad understanding in finance, marketing, accounting, economics, and business strategy, and also take supply chain specific courses that provide an unmatched level of expertise to help them hit the ground running from their first day on the job.

Evan Meyer

“I really liked the way Wisconsin’s specialization model attracts a more focused type of student than a general MBA. Not that everyone comes in with specific career plans, but the average Wisconsin student has a clear idea of their interests and goals, rather than doing an MBA because it’s just the next step on the ladder.”

Evan Meyer, MBA 2013
Supply Chain Leadership Development Program, Raytheon

Our Students

Our students generally fit into one of three categories:

  1. Those already working in supply chain roles who want to expand their leadership and advancement opportunities through additional supply chain training
  2. Those interested in management of the entire business, rather than one aspect such as marketing or logistics
  3. Those looking for a career path that draws on both their analytical capabilities and their interest in relationships and systems.

Our student body represents diverse educational and professional backgrounds and interests. While some students come from undergraduate business or engineering backgrounds, others have degrees in political science, history, English, astronomy, the classics, and anthropology. The wide variety of backgrounds creates a unique environment where students learn not only from instructors, but from one another.

Is an MBA in Supply Chain Management Right For You?

If you are looking to take your career to the next level – or perhaps looking to change careers all together – and you have a passion for problem solving, strategic and analytical thinking, and managing complex global networks, the Wisconsin MBA in supply chain management could be a perfect next step. We invite you to contact us to learn more about what makes the Wisconsin supply chain program so special and to discuss your future career goals.

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