The internship is a vital—to say nothing of exciting—component of the Wisconsin MBA. At the program’s midway point, it’s the perfect opportunity to apply the general business core knowledge and introductory specialized experience gained in the first year. In turn, the internship informs the focused second year. Wisconsin’s winning formula produces MBAs who can turn on a dime. Their specialized training allows them to hit the ground running—which puts them that much farther ahead on the road to general management.

Ask one of our Real Estate MBA students what they did this past summer, and the stories you’ll hear will be as diverse and fascinating as the students themselves. The one common theme, however, will be their shared quest for hands-on experience – the opportunity to enhance and engage with the education they have been obtaining at the Wisconsin School of Business and gain valuable professional experience. While it is not a degree requirement, nearly all second-year MBA students complete some form of internship over the summer

Class of 2014 Internship Update