Thursday, January 12, 2012 Real Estate News
Video Interview with Tim Riddiough on REITs for national conference

In December, hosted their annual conference, REITWorld 2011: NAREIT’s Annual Convention for All Things REIT, in Dallas, Texas.  

In this video, Riddiough discusses his prediction that 2012 will have a similar climate to that of 2011.  Recovery efforts will be slow-coming, especially because he believes that not enough attention has been paid to commercial real estate.  

One of the problems that Riddiough states as a cause for this recovery-slowdown is the rate at which political decisions begin to actually impact the country.  Riddiough explains that even though the government may be making good political decisions, they take a bit in order to be instituted in the nation. 

What Riddiough suggests is that our government should be begin focusing their reinvestment in education.  These changes will be able to come sooner than it would with subject matter like the economy.  

Also, through reinvesting in education, those students are able to become the future generation of real estate investors.  

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