The Wisconsin MBA in Real Estate has two goals for its students: first, to prepare you for the next step in your career, and second, to instill the values and integrity that the tradition of Wisconsin Real Estate represents.

The course load we offer is coherent and comprehensive, teaching the basics of business while offering in-depth study of all facets of real estate theory and practice. We help you decide what the next stage of your career looks like and help you plan to get there. We also place particular importance on these ideals--Respect. Honesty. Integrity. Values. Leadership. Originated by the late James A. Graaskamp for whom the Center for Real Estate is named, these principles are the foundation of the Wisconsin Real Estate Program.

From the start of your MBA experience at the Graaskamp Center, you will be immersed in the basics of leadership and professionalism. This means speaking with respect at all times to your peers, professors, staff and everyone you interact with. This means acting like a leader by solving problems and creating opportunities; and dressing professionally inside Grainger Hall and at Real Estate functions. Ultimately, we want to teach our students to never underestimate the importance of preparation and professionalism in all of their interactions.

Wisconsin School of Business Honor Code