On-Campus Recruiting

Companies who come to campus to interview are able to raise the visibility of their organization while demonstrating a commitment to hiring.  On-Campus Recruiting usually takes place in the fall for full-time opportunities, and throughout the year for internships, depending upon the specialization timelines.  To discuss opportunities to come on campus, contact the MBA Career Management Center (608-262-4000 or mbacareers@bus.wisc.edu).

Information Sessions

Company presentations can take many forms, depending upon the time of year, target audience, and nature of the organization. Many information sessions take place right in Grainger Hall, home to the Wisconsin MBA, but recommendations of local restaurants can be shared upon request. Regardless of the location, MBA Career Management Center staff can work closely with your organization to help devise the most appropriate location, format, publicity, and budget to make you stand out.

Job Postings

We are always happy to disseminate job postings to students via eRecruiting, our online recruiting system. Postings are free, and given the close relationships between staff and students, all postings receive considerable visibility. Job postings are a great way to increase the exposure of your organization to Wisconsin MBAs.

Resume Books

The MBA Career Management Center can fulfill requests for résumé books within 24 hours, often significantly quicker. Résumé books can include entire classes, or can target specializations or other specific needs. For more information, including the résumé book request link, click here »

Phone Screening Rooms

We know travel budgets are shrinking and offer rooms that employers can use for phone screening potential candidates. Interview schedules can be coordinated through the MBA Career Management Center, or you can connect directly with a student, knowing that they have access to rooms for phone screening interviews.

Company Visits

Each year, various specializations, student organizations, and other student groups coordinate company or geographic-based trips. The MBA program also sponsors international trips based on student interest. Companies can volunteer to host groups of student. Often visits take the form of an organizational overview, case study, company tour, and/or networking reception. For up-to-date lists of opportunities, contact the MBA Career Management Center.

Video Conferencing Capabilities

An alternative to phone screening interviews is available via video conferencing or Skype interviewing. Contact the MBA Career Management Center staff to coordinate needed technology.