OTM, as an area of study, merges strategic, economical, technological, human, and operational perspectives into an integrated system's perspective. The OTM coursework (i.e., courses beyond the general MBA core) builds on the students’ interests in “making things work better,” and deepens their skills in several areas:

  • Viewing the links between strategy, management systems, processes, technology, people, and culture, and the impact of these on performance
  • Building quantitative and conceptual models for the purpose of analyzing, managing, measuring, and improving systems and cross-functional processes
  • Formulating and analyzing actual operational and strategic problems, and designing and implementing solutions to those problems—these skills are acquired through experiential learning via team projects in local organizations
  • Effectively and economically managing materials and capacity
  • Leading people
  • Successfully managing and bringing about organizational and technological change

The curriculum allows you to broaden your perspectives and take courses outside the Wisconsin School of Business (for example, in engineering, statistics, or law). Below are our OTM degree plans per class: