Friday, May 11, 2012 Marketing Research Blog
P&G Factory Tour by Ramya Raman

After a day of touring Guangzhou and immersing ourselves in the Chinese culture, our next company visit was Procter & Gamble’s factory in Hungpu. Originally a banana forest, Huangpu is one of the developing industrial districts in Guangzhou. Established in 1990, P&G’s Hungpu plant now produces over 1500 SKUs in the Hair, Skin, Oral, Feminine Care, and Baby categories for five different global markets.

After a brief presentation on the factory’s vision and its proud history as the first P&G plant in China, we put on our lab coats, safety goggles and industrial shoes to begin the factory tour.  Observing manufacturing in action is always a sight to see – the amazing development of technology and machinery as well as the precision with which the employees work to make the process go smoothly.

With the goal to streamline flow and maximize the value creation for invested assets, P&G’s Hungpu plant lives its slogan, “Today’s best is not good enough for tomorrow.” As the center of low cost automation innovation, the plant is proud to be the flagship site for Integrated Working System that shares its expertise with other P&G plants and continues to improve the productivity every year.

More than anything else, what I will take away from the visit is their foundation for success – the team’s passion in its work.