Thursday, May 10, 2012 Marketing Research Blog
Chinese Cuisine by Jim Rudoplh

The natives in Guangzhou seemed to have several running jokes about the variety of cuisine options. They told us that they would eat anything that flies except airplanes, anything with four legs except tables and anything on or under water excluding boats. As a result every meal tended to have at least one completely new meat based dish that I had never seen in my life, it was pretty awesome! Overall I tried to be as open minded as possible and to try every dish at our family style tables. Among the unique items that I ate throughout the entire trip included chicken feet, jelly fish, fried grasshoppers and scorpion, snake soup, eel soup and an assortment of different fish, pork, and chicken dishes. Trying new foods is probably one of the best parts of international travel and really helps you connect with different cultures.

Beyond eating as many neat local dishes as I could, another major goal of mine was to not embarrass myself with my chop sticks. The last thing I wanted to have happen was to have a restaurant server hand me a fork and spoon out of pity after seeing me struggle and luckily that did not happen.  After the first meal together in Hong Kong, my chop sticking proficiency was pretty near socially acceptable and continued to improve as the trip went on.