Friday, May 4, 2012 Marketing Research Blog
Guangzhou Culture and Tourism by Heidi Freund

A city of almost 15 million people, Guangzhou offers a unique experience to tourists. Despite being quite metropolitan, Guangzhou is often overlooked in favor of other large Chinese cities, like Beijing or Shanghai. Because of this, we were able to have a completely unique experience- and even got to pose in some photos with the locals! (A large group of Americans is apparently quite rare, and many students were asked if they would be willing to appear in photos).

GuangzhouGuangzhou, while bustling with industry during the day, appears at first to slow down at night. That is, until you reach the hours after 10pm.  The sidewalks begin to fill with people as the street vendors pull out their late-night street meat, fresh fruit carts, and even knock-off leather goods. People of all ages head to the local KTV (Karaoke) clubs, where they rent private rooms and belt their favorite songs with thirty of their closest friends. Restaurants are open late, much later than in the States, and offer extremely affordable, delicious meals in generous servings.

In the spring, the mature trees that line the streets bloom. Walking through the city, one constantly catches the scent of these blossoms (I even smelled honeysuckle one night!).
The only obvious negative to Guangzhou: Riding in traffic. Cars and buses go any which direction they please, often not stopping for oncoming traffic. It’s enough to give anyone a panic attack!