Friday, April 27, 2012 Marketing Research Blog
Global Marketing Research for the A.C. Nielsen Center by Amanda Decker

One of the strategic goals of the Wisconsin MBA is to increase student exposure to international business.  Each winter the MBA program offers two or three global trips that are open to students in all MBA specializations.  While these trips grant exposure a specific country’s culture and business customs as well as exposure to a wide variety of businesses, they do not allow for in depth learning in any one specific area. This year, students of the A.C. Nielsen Center expressed interest and took on the planning of a marketing research focused global trip.

Initially, we determined that our global trip goals consisted of:
- Learning how marketing research in a specific country differs from marketing research in the USA at both a business objective and methodology level
- Gaining insight into the consumer profile of a specific country

When we presented these objectives to our Executive Advisory Board along with a list of potential trip locations (Western Europe, Russia, Brazil, and others), one country stood out – China. With many companies focusing on the growing Chinese economy, our EAB members felt that gaining a foundational understanding of marketing research in China would help us stand out and succeed in our future careers.

This excitement among our EAB members helped us plan fantastic company visits and live research opportunities.  In the upcoming blog posts you will find recaps on:
- Guangzhou Blue Moon Co. Office Visit
- 1506 Creative City Company Visit and Tour
- Procter & Gamble Huangpu Factory Tour
- Colgate Office Visit
- Wrigley Office Visit
- Wrigley In-Home Research and Store Checks
- Dell Qualitative Research

Of course as students on spring break we wouldn’t plan a trip that was all work and no play. In addition to our trip to Guangzhou, we planned tourism weekends in Hong Kong and Beijing. These trips allowed us to explore the Chinese culture and identify differences in cultures between three major cities. Additionally, the trip allowed our students to become closer as a group.

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to reach out to any of us with questions!