Monday, January 10, 2011 Marketing Research Blog
Winter Break Reflections by Katie Hankes, MBA 2012

Winter break has been a much needed respite from the busy school year. Many students have taken the time to travel to amazing places like Turkey, Vietnam, and China while others are just enjoying catching up on sleep. I personally have been spending my time off visiting with friends and family, making time for forgotten hobbies, and reflecting on the first semester.

It feels amazing knowing how far I have come since entering the program four short months ago. I remember walking into my first class last September and looking around the room at all of the incredible people from diverse backgrounds. It was a daunting experience. Now I look back and am amazed by everything I have learned both from my professors and my peers. First semester was every bit as challenging as I expected it to be but also incredibly fun. My fellow students have become my closest friends and the professors have become our cheerleaders pushing us to do our best. After surviving first semester I feel confident I can handle anything that comes my way!