Monday, September 6, 2010 Marketing Research Blog
How it all began… by Boryana Georgieva, MBA 2012

Hi Dear Reader,

My name is Boryana Georgieva and I am a first year MBA candidate at the A. C. Nielsen Center. I am extremely happy to share with you my first impressions of Madison, the University of Wisconsin, and the MBA Experience.

I can hardly believe that I have been in Wisconsin for about a month now. Although I have lived in the U.S. and particularly the Midwest for several years, moving to Madison was an unexpected experience. I fell in love with the city’s beautiful lakes and green parks instantly. Whether biking along the shore or socializing on the infamous Union Terrace, I am captivated by the scenic view of Lake Mendota, where people swim, canoe, and wind surf.

But enough about that, I am sure you cannot wait to hear about our first two weeks at the University, which we devoted to the MBA Experience a.k.a. orientation – that was intense. We dived right into career management and interviewing preparations, as well as written and verbal communication assessment. Of course, the Experience was also all about meeting the 118 students of our MBA class of 2012. We also had the opportunity to interact with the second year Nielsen students, as well as, share ideas and learn from the experience of several of the Center’s alumni including Jay Luttrell, one of our Executive Board members.

The team problem solving and team building activities were my favorite during these two weeks; I cannot share many details about them because I do not want to ruin the surprise for next year. We had the opportunity to pick our brains while solving a case with our ICA (Integrated Company Analysis) team about which you are going to read throughout the semester. We also got challenged to cross our boundaries – “free fall” – just a hint.

As an international student, I also had the opportunity to enjoy some new for me activities. At the two picnics organized for the MBAs I learned to play kickball, which was so much fun. Another thing I was not expecting to do was pick seeds at the Badgers’ Prairie. As part of the initiative “MBAs with a Heart” we contributed to preserving the local prairie, a habitat for many migrating birds. Despite the unwelcoming weather, I enjoyed working with my classmates.

Thinking back, I cannot believe that we fit so many activities in 14 days. During these I discovered new, kind friends and met a lot of the UW MBA staff. It is wonderful to feel that everybody cares and is devoted to helping us achieve success right from the start. Now we are all off to an even more exciting and challenging part of our MBA; classes and soon interviewing start. Wish us luck! But meanwhile I am hoping to get to enjoy watching my first hockey game, as well as, going to a Big 10 football game. I will blog again to let you know how that is going. Meanwhile come back to read how everybody else is doing!

Go Badgers!

Boryana B. Georgieva