Friday, September 3, 2010 Marketing Research Blog
What do a lawyer, an elementary teacher, and a psychology student have in common? by Amanda Decker, MBA 2012
Each of these individuals are currently first-year students in the A.C. Nielsen Center.  My name is Amanda Decker and I am a first year student in the A.C. Nielsen Center.  Many colleagues and friends gave me advice regarding business school prior to moving to Madison. While thinking about this advice, I identified a common thread – one main purpose of business school is to broaden your network.  During the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to meet and network with over 100 incoming 2012 MBAs, as well as the other 13 A.C. Nielsen Center students.  The time has been exhilarating and I can already tell that the next two weeks will be a roller coaster of a ride.

Rather than blogging a detailed recap of my MBA Experience (first-year orientation), I have decided to develop a “Top Three Lessons Learned.”

1)  Recruiting for MBA Internships Starts Immediately

  • Representatives from Boston Scientific presented a company overview to the 2012 MBA class and hosted a reception on our first day of orientation.  Representatives from various other companies were present for panels and alumni events throughout the remainder of orientation.  I have learned that as an MBA student, I will be provided with many different touch points with companies. This is a reminder that business school is just like a job.  I must always be on top of my game and it is up to me to maximize my career opportunities.
2) Business School is Demanding
  • I am the type of person that thrives when busy and I prefer having my schedule filled rather than having down time.  While working full-time, I enjoyed filling my out-of-office time with community service events, sporting activities, and various other events.  Prior to arriving in Madison, I consistently heard the phrase “you will be busy.”  However,  I will honestly say I am shocked at how quickly my calendar is filling up for this fall.  While the semester will be time-consuming, I am excited for the activities and the opportunity to further hone my organizational and time management skills.

3)  My Classmates Will Help Me Through It All

  • Our incoming A.C. Nielsen class is composed of individuals from across the world.  Each student comes from a different personal and professional background and is excited to provide their input and add to the team.  I have learned that we can each use our individual experiences to help strengthen our group as a team and I am excited for our learning experiences going forward.
Nielsen Center 2012 Students

Gail Casey, Marjorie Scott, Amanda Decker, and Boryana Georgieva

Over the next semester the A.C. Nielsen Class of 2012 will be blogging about our trials and triumphs while adjusting to the MBA life.  I encourage you to follow along.

On Wisconsin!
Amanda Decker