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Diego Hahn
Specialization Benefits
by: Diego HahnFriday, March 10, 2017

An MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been very beneficial because it has provided me with the real-world experiences and opportunities that help me understand business in both a broad... Read More

Susannah Maiken
My Nielsenite Family
by: Susannah Maiken Wednesday, January 25, 2017

“Got any sheep?” “I’ll give you a sheep for two bricks.” “Get out of here. I’ll give you one brick for one sheep.” “No dealio.” “Come... Read More

Honing Life Skills at the WSB
by: Rushi PatelTuesday, January 17, 2017

Coming into school, I was a little nervous about interviewing for internships, especially because companies were coming to recruit as early as October, just one month into program. It had also been... Read More

Laura Sheehan
A Global Insights Future
by: Laura SheehanTuesday, December 6, 2016

Prior to coming to the Wisconsin School of Business, I worked as a marketing associate for a collectibles company in which I worked in new client acquisition with direct mail marketing. I enjoyed... Read More