The program is supported by two directors, an assistant director, professors from the core and finance curricula, staff in the Wisconsin MBA program office, and by substantial contributions by many loyal and involved alumni.

Academic Director

Professor Mark Ready is the Applied Security Analysis program (ASAP) Faculty Director. Mark served on the NASDAQ’s Economic Advisory Board from 1998-2000, and he was the Chief Economist and Director of the Office of Economic Analysis at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission from April 2000 through January 2001. Mark has done extensive research in the area of investments and has published many scholarly articles in top finance journals. He also served as associate editor for the Review of Financial Studies and is currently an associate editor for Financial Management.

Hawk Center Director

Brian Hellmer, CFA, 1988 alumnus, has over 20 years of investment research and portfolio management experience. Before joining the ASAP in 2009, he was managing portfolios at Northern Capital Management, LLC where he also served as Director of Research.  Before joining Northern Capital, he was a senior investment analyst and strategist at Fleet Investment Advisors (BanK of America). Brian has taught classes in the ASAP and has served on the program's advisory board for many years.   In addition to his role as Director of the Hawk Center, Brian also provides consulting services to a variety of investment firms.

Hawk Center Assistant Director

Cara Fish serves as Assistant Director of the Hawk Center. Prior to joining the Hawk Center, she worked most recently at the Madison Concourse Hotel & Governor's Club as a Sales and Catering Manager. In her role in the Hawk Center, Cara focuses on student services, marketing, alumni engagement and administrative support.

Other ASAP-Specific Instructors

Dan Pickett, an Advisory Board member, 1987 alumnus, Principal and Chief Investment Officer of Nakoma Capital Management and former Director of Research of Columbus Circle Investors, is a Lecturer for the Fundamentals of Investing course. Dan has substantial investment experience in investment leadership roles and has a wealth of knowledge that he shares with the students. He is actively involved in working with first-year students.

Technical and Other Support

The Hawk Center for Investment Analysis employs various project assistants and a technical support assistant.  The Technical Service Center of the School of Business also provides computer-related support.


Over the course of 35 years, approximately 500 students have participated in the ASAP and have become a very loyal and active alumni group. As testament, every two years ASAPers gather for a Fall Investment Conference and approximately 1/3 of the alumni attend. The tight alumni network is a key differentiating factor for the ASAP that creates benefits that last a lifetime.

Core and Finance Faculty

The ASAP benefits from the excellent quality of faculty responsible for teaching the core and finance curricula. These professors are leaders in research and devoted to creating great classroom experiences for the students. Please click here to read the bios of the Finance faculty.


To help our students learn more about the investment industry and assist them in developing their career goals, we provide a network of resources. ASAP students are supported by Finance faculty members, Hawk Center staff, ASAP alumni and industry contacts, the Career Management Center, the Business Library, and programming and resources from the local CFA Society. The generous gifts of our alumni have made this support possible.