Our graduates become financial leaders in all areas of corporate finance and investment banking

The Corporate Finance and Investment Banking MBA at Wisconsin provides an opportunity for students to join a small cohort of driven, accomplished individuals who are committed to careers in corporate finance and investment banking. Our students chart their own career paths in corporate finance and/or investment banking while gaining real world experience, industry contacts and access to the same tools the professionals use. The corporate finance track focuses on providing a deep understanding of financial methods and techniques - from valuing assets to providing insights on important business development decisions, while the investment banking track focuses on raising capital for companies and making business deals happen. During the second year, our students work on several real world project-based consulting projects for consulting firms, investment banks, public corporations and private companies. Oftentimes, these same companies come back to recruit. Throughout the program, students receive one-on-one attention from an active Board of Advisors and dedicated staff of the Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. Center Director Cindie Adams provides each student with individualized career and academic advising and streamlines placement by facilitating contact between students and our extensive network of industry executives, alumni, corporate recruiters, and faculty. 

Corporate Finance

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