Monday, October 31, 2011 Nicholas Center Blog
"Science Is the Business: Art Is How You Communicate It." ~ Andy Olen by Cynthia Adams


Last Friday, we were fortunate to have Nicholas Center Board member, Andy Olen, General Manager, Latin America and Canada for Abbott Vascular lead a presentation skills workshop for our first-year students. Andy began the workshop by delivering abbreviated examples of presentations that he had recently given to various audiences throughout his company. He emphasized creating emotion through pictures and keeping the message simple. "Bring the X-factor!" Each student then had three minutes to deliver a prepared presentation. Topics ranged from "How To Bring Offshore Corporate Cash Reserves Home" to "Refining Student Loans and Student Debt" to "Introducing the Sports Nutrition Product, EAS (coincidentally an Abbott product) to the Chinese Market." Overall, Andy was very impressed by the comfort level and confidence of the entire class, and provided great feedback to each presenter.

Ning Han

Everyone had 30 minutes to apply Andy's strategies to improve their presentations. I was impressed by the transformation in delivering a solid "situation", "recommendation" and "rationale", and the incorporation of pictures to drive the message home.

Andy finished with a few closing recommendations:

• Know yourself, be yourself
• Know your audience
• Passion goes a long way
• Sell it!
• Practice, practice, practice.

A huge thank-you to Andy Olen for delivering a lively and valuable workshop! Part 2 is next semester.

Andy Olen