Monday, October 31, 2011 Nicholas Center Blog
Nicholas Center Board of Advisors Meeting - Day One by Jishnu Guhathakurta

Thursday, October 13th was the first day of the two-day Board of Advisors meeting for the Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. At about 3pm the students and Board met over snacks and soft drinks. After a few minutes of introduction, the stage was set for the second-year students to present their applied corporate finance projects which they have been preparing for weeks. The goal was to solicit the advice and suggestions of the board members before the projects are presented to the sponsoring client companies. The presentation went splendidly and in my estimation, the Board was very pleased to see the caliber of work being produced by the students.

After the presentations were over, a reception and cocktail hour was set for all to mingle and get to know each other. The second-year students could relax post their presentation, and the first-year students got to introduce themselves to the board members and garner their career advice. The room was buzzing, and everyone was having a grand time. The reception was a beautiful lead-in to the next event on the calendar, the M. Keith Weikel Executive Leadership Speaker Series.

Once every month, the Wisconsin School of Business hosts a speaker series where industry leaders discuss leadership, integrity, business issues, and social issues, and also share their experiences with the MBA students. The guest speakers for this Weikel series were Ab Nicholas, who is the eponym of the Nicholas Center, and Coach Bo Ryan, who is the immensely successful coach for the Wisconsin's Men's basketball team. The discussion was moderated by the dean of the business school, Francois Ortalo-Magne.

I thoroughly enjoyed the event as both speakers drew examples from athletics and business highlighting the similarities between the two and the similar skills required to be successful in both arenas.The talk was filled with humor and lively storytelling and the students had the opportunity to ask questions and seek some sage advice. Everyone was glued to their seats and before you knew it an hour had passed. The day was busy, rewarding, intellectually stimulating and allowed us to network with business leaders. It is days like these that you feel fortunate to be a Wisconsin MBA and especially a Nicholas Center student.