Ray Van Eperen

Think And Lead Like A CFO: No Matter Where You Sit

Imagine an organization that has not 1, but 1,000 CFOs. Although this may not be the most efficient organizational structure if taken literally, it can be a very powerful concept if applied figuratively in a Finance function; everyone is the CFO of their space.
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Don Condon - Current Topics September 2012

Nicholas Center Class of 2014 Welcomed Board of Advisors Member Don Condon

First-year students in the Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking had the privilege of hearing from Don Condon during our first “Current Topics” class on Friday...
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Nicholas Center Welcomed Board Member Patrick Hammes

The Nicholas Center welcomed back MBA Class of 2007 alum and Nicholas Center board member Patrick Hammes, now with the Hammes Company and formerly a VP of Investment Banking at Robert W. Baird & Co. in Milwaukee.
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Andy Olen-Abbott Vascular

Nicholas Center Welcomes Andy Olen, General Manager, Canada and Latin America (CALA) Abbott Vascular

For the March 23rd edition of our Current Topics class, the Nicholas Center welcomed back board member Andy Olen of Abbott Labs, who had also visited us during the first semester. The students were happy to see Andy again – his first session was very practical and gave the students the chance to work on their presentation skills. We were expecting an equally engaging session the second time around.
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SC Johnson Company’s Holistic Approach to “Going Green.” By Brace Clement

While there is no single standardized definition, there are many opinions and beliefs as to what it means for a business to be sustainable. A sustainable business is one that operates in an environmentally responsible way. Its products and business processes are such that no negative environmental impact is felt as a result of their existence. Few businesses or organizations can truly call themselves “100% sustainable.” Many, however, are well on their way to sustainability by incorporating the following ideals into their business operations. SC Johnson appears to be one of those companies.
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Phil Hoffman

The Nicholas Center Welcomed Phil Hoffmann From Aon Risk Solutions: By Nathan Koehn

For the last Current Topics class of the fall semester, the Nicholas Center was visited by Wisconsin MBA Alum Phil Hoffmann, Managing Director of Aon Risk Solutions in Milwaukee, WI. Mr. Hoffmann presented "risk management and insurance considerations for the finance professional," which included material to help first-year MBA students better understand the concept of "risk," who is responsible for handling risk, and practical considerations for managing traditional risks.
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Ryan Douglas & Sean Klett-Ecolab

The Nicholas Center CFIB Class of 2013 Welcomed Ryan Douglas and Sean Klett From Ecolab: By Sean Gilmore (Nicholas 2013)

The Nicholas Center CFIB Class of 2013 welcomed Ryan Douglas and Sean Klett from Ecolab (NYSE: ECL) to for our Current Topics class. Both Ryan and Sean are University of Wisconsin Alum. Read More »

Don Condon- Westlake Chemical

Current Topics - Don Condon from Westlake Chemical:
By John Hames (Nicholas 2012)

The CFIB Class of 2013 was fortunate to welcome Don Condon, Senior VP of Westlake Chemical (NYSE:WLK) to kick off our first Current Topics class of the school year. Mr. Condon serves as SVP of WLK's Olefins business unit and is also head of Corporate Business Development. Read More »

Weikel Speaker Series-Tom Tefft

M. Keith Weikel Executive Leadership Speaker Series Welcomes Nicholas Board Member Tom Tefft: By Alex Davydov (Nicholas 2012)

On Thursday, April 28, we had the pleasure of listening to Tom Tefft as part of our final Weikel Series event of the year. Tom is currently the Senior Vice President, and President of Medtronic Neuromodulation business, and is a board member for the Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. Read More »

David Harkavay-Robinwood Consulting

Nicholas Center Welcomes David Harkavay (Robinwood Consulting): By Eduardo Saenz (Nicholas 2012)

On April 8th, Nicholas first-year students were fortunate to welcome alumnus David Harkavy of Robinwood Consulting as the guest speaker for our weekly Current Topics series. The topic was Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation, which was timely as it complements the valuation class that we are taking this semester with Professor Seward. Read More »

John Hulbert-Target

Nicholas Center Welcomes John Hulbert (Target):
By Jishnu Guhathakurta (Nicholas 2012)

"Current topics" has been by far one of the most rewarding courses I took during my first year of MBA. Industry leaders visit the Nicholas Center every week to provide us a window into their roles and mentor us with practical industry wisdom. We get to interact with them and ask many questions. Read More »

Steven Savitz-Best Buy

Nicholas Center Welcomes Steven Savitz (Best Buy):
By Matt Goldberg (Nicholas 2012)

Recently, Steven Savitz, a Director of Finance at Best Buy, was on campus to discuss applying EVA to various business units within an organization. It was great to get Steve's take on EVA and how it is part of Best Buy's financial strategy. The company recently announced its key strategic initiatives at its annual analyst day in Minneapolis. Read More »

Tim Krause-P&G

Nicholas Center Welcomes Tim Krause (P&G):
By Brendan Gabriel (Nicholas 2012)

Every week during our first year as CFIB students, we get to speak with and learn from alumni and practitioners in the field of finance as part of our Current Topics class. We learn a great deal about different companies as well topics ranging from when a company should repurchase stock to how to develop your leadership skills. Read More »

Rick Fleming-USG Corporation

Nicholas Center Welcomes Rick Fleming, Executive Vice President and CFO (USG Corporation): By Warren Wilson (Nicholas 2012)

Leadership was the key topic of Rick Fleming's recent discussion with the first-year CFIB students. Golden nuggets of truth and individual pearls of wisdom were scattered throughout the entire presentation. To kick off the discussion Rick had each of the students provide a word that described an effective leader. Read More »

Patrick Hammes-R.W. Baird

Nicholas Center Welcomes Patrick Hammes, Vice President Investment Banking (R.W. Baird): By Miguel Mireles (Nicholas 2012)

With the recent rebound of the economy and increased liquidity in the credit markets, the exciting and challenging world of mergers and acquisitions has seen a dramatic increase in activity. Many economists and financial observers predict 2011 to have near 2007 levels of IPO and M&A activity. Read More »