Friday, March 2, 2012 Brand and Product Management News
Rob Tanner Talks Google Privacy to ABC News by Staff

Assistant marketing professor, Rob Tanner, spoke with ABC's channel 27 in Madison on March 1 about the changes to Google's privacy model.  

Google launched 60 new privacy changes to their privacy policy on March 1. One of the most central changes is that Google will be cross-referencing what users look at online across all of the Google-affiliate websites in order to better cater to users likes and needs.

Google will not, however, be selling users' information and searching habits to companies, rather, they will be using the information solely for their own advertising targeting.

The new policy also makes an issue of user identifiability but, Google tracks user information with identification numbers rather than names.

Tanner said the privacy policy changes could be troubling, depending upon one’s philosophical perspective. However, he noted, “Google exists to sell advertising. That’s how they make their money.”

There are some options to avoid this as Tanner explains in the video above, but as he also says, if he has to look at advertisements, better they are catered to his interests.