The Fast Track to General Management

How do you become a brand manager? You begin by applying to The Center for Brand and Product Management. Wisconsin’s brand center is the country’s first MBA program of its kind, specializing in training the next generation of brand and product managers. At Wisconsin, you'll have all the tools you need to get a running start into brand management, and fast track your career in general business management.

The first year brand management curriculum gives students the luxury of enrolling in both general management and marketing courses, providing students with the best brand management education in the country right from the start. Students have access to case competitions, on-site visits to company headquarters, and applied learning sessions with brand management executives from top companies.

We are the 100%

Since it's inception in 2003, Center for Brand and Product Management has had 100% internship placement at some of the best consumer packaged goods companies around the country. Not only that, but 96% of students graduate with full-time jobs at those top-tier companies. CBPM students are successful during recruiting season because they earn more than an MBA. Students leave with a network, a community, and a portfolio of applied learning experiences.

Industry Connections

In the world of business, sometimes it's what you know, and sometimes it's who you know. Thankfully at Wisconsin, you'll have the best of both worlds. In addition to the world-class education you will receive in the classroom, you will build industry connections to help accelerate your career.

A vast alumni network will always be available to offer advice and to give you an honest look into the life of a brand manager. You'll have opportunities to network with alumni at recruiting events, while they help you prepare for interviews, and even on the golf course.

In the Brand Center, you will have unparalleled exposure to some of the most influential industry executives in the world. Our hands-on advisory board provides learning opportunities, offers mentoring, and facilitates employment opportunities.

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