When you join the Wisconsin School of Business' Brand and Product Management MBA program, you do so with the promise of a pathway to running a business. We prepare you to make a major impact on your business and career. Gain the Wisconsin advantage in a competitive world.

A Network You Want

Executives from multinational companies like 3M, GE, General Mills, and Target make up our hiring partners and Advisory Board, and are ready to guide you to a better career.

Your access to a network of influential corporate leaders, alumni and experienced faculty is just one part of why 97 percent of Brand and Product Management MBA graduates have full-time job offers at a median salary of $100,000 within three months of graduation.

A Customized Curriculum

UW-Madison is known for innovation, and that holds true for the Wisconsin MBA. Our brand and product management specialization is the first of its kind in the nation and is focused on your career journey. There aren't any filler classes, just a boutique curriculum designed entirely around the distinct set of skills needed to manage some the world's biggest brands from day one.

The Experience to Lead

Our Applied Learning courses provide the hands-on experience that will make you an asset to recruiters and companies world-wide. Applied Learning projects integrate real-world situations into your curriculum to prepare you for your career journey. The knowledge of the projects, practices and issues that face actual industry professionals will put you on a path to succeed. Take a look at some past students' experiences here.