Being a Wisconsin Graduate opens doors coast to coast and around the world. Few universities can boast a business alumni network as large, as worldwide, and as loyal as Wisconsin’s.

Applied Security Analysis Alumni

Students have numerous opportunities to interact with ASAP alumni. The Hawk Center hosts a bi-annual investment conference, where ASAP alumni and students gather for keynote presentations featuring speakers from leading research firms, as well as to socialize and attend a Badger football game. ASAP alumni are very active in bringing real-world experience to the Hawk Center, as they are frequently featured as guest lecturers throughout the program.

Many ASAP alumni serve directly as mentors to the students, offering feedback on their investment ideas, communications skills, interviewing strategies, and portfolio construction. Constant feedback from industry veterans is just another way in which ASAP students are prepared to make a direct impact as investment professionals upon graduation.

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All Hawk Center related expenses (salaries, student financial support, data services, etc) are paid from funds donated directly to the Hawk Center.

Applied Security Analysis Alumni Fund. Donation goes directly to the Hawk Center unrestricted fund and is managed by the students if not needed to pay bills.

Stephen L. Hawk Center Endowment. Donation is applied to the endowment principal and managed by the students. Only the earnings on these donations can be spent.

Wisconsin School of Business Annual Fund. Donation goes toward the School’s unrestricted gift fund to be used towards general Business School spending.

Major Gifts such as Chairs, Classrooms, etc. Donation goes towards Finance department faculty fund to fund faculty positions or other general business school spending.

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