All degree-seeking graduate students in good standing in any program on the UW-Madison campus are automatically eligible to apply to any one of three certificate programs. Just declare your interest and get started by clicking one of the links below.

Certificate in Business, Environment, and Social Responsibility

University of Wisconsin graduate students may earn a certificate or Ph.D. minor in Business, Environment, and Social Responsibility (BESR). The BESR students learn both the strategic application of business principles to social and environmental challenges and the systematic integration of sustainability into management decision-making.

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Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship is appropriate for graduate students who anticipate starting or working for new ventures. The curriculum focuses on imagining and bringing to life new enterprises, finding start-up capital, and managing their growth and exit events.

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Certificate in Strategic Innovation

The Graduate Certificate in Strategic Innovation: Organizations, Technology, and Society is expressly for graduate students anticipating working on existing firms’ innovative projects. Students gain knowledge and skills equipping them to anticipate major societal shifts affecting the value of innovation, including technological evolution; choose among different innovative projects; understand product development processes within established organizations; and anticipate the social consequences of organizational innovation.

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