The Wisconsin MBA in Applied Security Analysis offers students the hands-on management of real portfolios. You and your classmates will make investment decisions for three portfolios of equity and fixed-income funds with a combined value of over $50 million. This rigorous preparation, complemented by a curriculum that includes guest investment speakers and investment trips, is why the program’s more than 400 graduates are employed at top investment firms, banks and pension funds throughout the world.

Investment Speakers

The student investment program provides ample opportunities for students to converse with investment professionals inside and outside of the classroom. We are very grateful to the many business professionals who have taken time to share their experiences and provide guidance to the students. Click Here >>

Winter Investment Trips

One of the most effective way our students learn about the differing cultures and investment processes that are using in the industry is by visiting firms and talking to their analysts and/or portfolio managers. Each year over the winter semester break, we sponsor a trip for our first year students to travel with the Center Director to New York and Boston to visit a variety of firms. Click Here >>

ASAP Portfolio & Client Meetings

During the second year of their MBA studies, ASAP students manage various portfolios and operate the investment firm. They have research and administrative duties within the firm. Students are divided into teams, manage over $50 million, have no safety net, and report to clients.

The UW System is the client for the fixed income portfolios. The ASAP Board of Advisors serves as the client for the equity portfolios and also provides oversight for the fixed income portfolios. The Board is comprised primarily of alumni, all of whom hold active leadership positions in the investment community. Although the alumni are very supportive of the program, Advisory Board members take seriously their charge to challenge students and create the environment and experience of the most demanding client-manager relationship. Click Here >>