Admissions Evaluation Criteria

Without a doubt Wisconsin MBA students are out in front of the competition because of their passion for their career specialization. That passion is key during the admissions process. The Wisconsin MBA Admissions Committee is also looking for students who demonstrate a keen intellectual curiosity, an eagerness to learn, an ability to contribute to the Wisconsin MBA community, and a strong commitment to their future career.

Admissions Decisions

Admissions decisions will be delivered electronically via the online application system according to the submission deadlines. Applicants will be sent an email inviting them to login to their online application where they access their admissions and merit aid decisions.

Zi Sen Chong
Graduation: 2016
Major Real Estate

Zelda Fitriasih
Graduation: 2016
Major Strategic Human Resource Management

"Madison is a vibrant city, full of diverse cultures and interests. While it has many things to offer, such as networking events, the farmers' market, concerts, and festivals, it is not as overwhelming as a big city. I knew that choosing the Wisconsin MBA Program would grant me the privilege of getting a top education from a prestigious university, all while enjoying the two best years of my life.

The Wisconsin School of Business not only provides me with the best education and leverage for my future career, but also with the support I need as an International Student coming to the United States for the first time to pursue an education. The 'Buddy' system initiated by the International Graduate Business Association has helped me tremendously in becoming acclimated to my new life in the United States and in my adjustment as an international first-year MBA candidate."

Sydney Hung
Graduation: 2015
Major Brand and Product Management

“I chose Wisconsin because of its specialization program and the individualized support offered by the MBA Program. As an international student beginning my academic career in the United States, it is extremely important for me to know that I have the support I need to be successful. I could not be happier with my decision!”

Andrew Jain
Graduation: 2015
Major Corporate Finance and Investment Banking

"I chose the Wisconsin MBA because of the focused attention and training that I receive in my area of specialization. I knew that I was interested in a dedicated corporate finance program from the time I started applying to business schools, and the Wisconsin MBA has helped me become a better professional by providing ample opportunity to learn in the classroom, practice new learnings through applied projects, and network with like-minded classmates and seasoned professionals. I could not be happier with my decision!"

Xiaofei Li
Graduation: 2015
Major Marketing Research

"I chose the Wisconsin MBA because of the comprehensive marketing research curriculum. Also, a smaller class size helps me learn through close communication with classmates and professors.”

Tosan Olley
Graduation: 2015
Major Corporate Finance & Investment Banking

"​​I chose the Wisconsin School of Business because it offered the best mix for my family needs, my career goals, and my personal preferences. As a career switcher with an atypical business background, the Wisconsin School of Business' specialization model provides a full immersion educational experience that gave me credibility with employers. The School's extensive alumni network gave me confidence that my transition into a new career field would be easier and relatively seamless.

To cap it all, Madison by virtue of its location as the state capital, provides a traditional college campus nested within a vibrant city, which was great for my family. Coming to the Wisconsin School of Business was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would recommend this School as a top choice to anyone seeking more than just an MBA."

Stephanie Penny
Graduation: 2016
Major Risk Management

"I chose the Wisconsin School of Business because the MBA program gives me the opportunity to study business administration and also specialize in a chosen field. The program is personalized and the School strives to give us all possible opportunities regarding studies, career, and lifestyle."

Leopoldo Rincon
Graduation: 2015
Major Corporate Finance & Investment Banking

"I chose Wisconsin because of its reputable specialization program, faculty, and alumni network. I was convinced that at Wisconsin I would reach my personal and professional goals."