The Wisconsin MBA features distinctive career specializations designed to fast-track your career goals. Ten career specializations are available, each offering an intensive curriculum that combines foundational management knowledge, specialized career preparation, and real-world learning experiences with industry leaders. You will begin taking classes in your specialization right away, without the waiting period many other programs require.

Far more than a traditional MBA concentration, a specialization is a deep immersion in a particular field as part of a close-knit learning community. You will work and study with individuals who share your interests, including faculty, staff, fellow students, Badger alumni, and other industry leaders who partner with the Wisconsin School of Business.

Each specialization is supported by a corresponding knowledge center. The center serves as a gathering place where you can receive personalized support and business connections can be made within the context of a particular career specialization. 

This focused preparation, combined with a general management core, gives you a competitive edge. Employers know that you can begin making a contribution in a functional area right away, yet you are also prepared to move into positions of broad responsibility and influence.

Discover which career specialization is right for you by choosing an area of interest below.