For students who already know where they are headed, Wisconsin is the place to start. With 10 designated areas of study and personalized career services, Wisconsin MBA students graduate with a portfolio of skills, experience, and specialized knowledge that allows them to hit the ground running and succeed in today's highly competitive business world.

Foundational to the Wisconsin MBA is the extensive applied learning built into the curriculum, providing students real opportunities to solve problems faced by businesses while networking with industry leaders. These projects are interwoven with rigorous classroom material, bringing research theory to life. Students graduate with the ability to be a field-specific expert while also supporting the overall business strategy of an organization.

No other MBA program can match the level of individualized support we provide in each of our 10 fields of study. Our outstanding alumni network, engaged industry partners, active student organizations and clubs, and supportive community of creative and adventurous leaders put the Wisconsin MBA out in front. 

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