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Tara James
Microinsurance, Big Impactby: Tara JamesMonday, November 28, 2016

Professionally, I am drawn to the insurance industry by a desire to support economic stability. Insurance serves as a powerful tool for self-sufficiency by assisting individuals, corporations and... Read More

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Xiaoming Gu (MBA, '18)
Perspectives of the Online Insurance Marketplaceby: Xiaoming GuMonday, November 21, 2016

The insurance industry is undergoing remarkable change around the globe, spurred in part by technological advances. One of those advances of particular interest to me is product distribution through... Read More

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David Olson (MBA, '17)
Insurance as a Social Goodby: David OlsonWednesday, November 9, 2016

How can insurance help society? Some people think insurance is good to have in case the worst happens. This has been referred to as the “safety net” benefit of insurance. It may be the... Read More

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Will Dickson
With Disruptive Innovation, Leading is Keyby: Will DicksonMonday, November 7, 2016

Disruption is an ever-present word in our current business environment. But what is disruption, or more specifically, what is disruptive innovation? According to Harvard Business Review,... Read More

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